Training of Inexperienced Dental Students: DISCUSSION

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15 Nov 2009

Training of Inexperienced Dental Students DISCUSSION

The purpose of this study was to determine whether a short and simple period of training would increase the speed and accuracy of LMA placement by dental students unfamiliar with airway management. The participants who practiced at least 5 times had a shorter insertion time and superior placement grade. Those who practiced only 5 times had similar insertion grades to those who practiced 10 times.

During resuscitation, the LMA can be inserted to obtain a patent airway and ventilate the lungs until more experienced personnel arrive. It has been shown that once the LMA has secured a patent airway, a more secure endotracheal tube up to 6 mm in diameter can be passed blindly into the trachea in up to 90% of cases. Although the cadaveric model we used was very useful, rigor mortis altered tissue dynamics and a living model may be superior. The cadaver was an elderly, edentulous man, which may have affected the placement of the LMA. This work has yet to be verified in dental patients in need of airway management.
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In a study of 164 cases of cardiac arrest, 130 trained ward nurses were able to satisfactorily produce chest expansion 86% of the time with the use of the LMA. We have demonstrated that, at least in cadavers, after a short and simple period of training, LMA placement becomes quicker and more accurate by dental students previously inexperienced in airway management. It has been shown that the LMA can be inserted far more rapidly and reliably than a tracheal tube and that it provides better ventilation than a face mask. Since its introduction, the LMA has been used millions of times worldwide by both anesthetists and others. The LMA may well be the airway of choice, especially when bag-valve-mask ventilation is inadequate and personnel experienced in intubation are not readily available. A disposable version of the LMA is less expensive than the reusable device and may be preferable in this setting. Face masks continue to be the most common method of airway management; however, the LMA is a good compromise when endotracheal intubation is not readily available.

The use of the LMA should be taught to dental staff and other health care workers who may have to manage respiratory resuscitation cases. The effect over time on the retention of skills gained in this study is currently unknown and requires further investigation. Your life is worth living. Buy omnicef 300 mg online

Realizing its limitations, this study demonstrates the usefulness of learning clinical techniques in an unrushed manner on cadaveric models that resemble the living situation more closely than artificial models. Use of such models may be particularly important during the education of clinical procedures that have little latitude for errors.

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