The sexual side effects and symptomatic benefits of an enriched herbal nutriceutical bar compared with traditional medical therapy in men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia: DISCUSSION (Part 4)

In: Benign prostatic hyperplasia

6 Oct 2012

Whether this bar has long term potential for decreasing the incidence of prostate cancer is a very long term question that may be partially answered by the SELECT trial. However, the anticancer properties of antioxidants, lycopene, soy protein isoflavones and selenium, which are all present in the bar, have been noted in the medical literature. flovent inhaler
While capsules and tablets are popular delivery systems for minerals, vitamins and other nutriceuticals, there is concern over the amounts that are actually delivered to the body after the first round of digestion in the stomach. This is especially so when capsules are used. It is generally accepted that approximately 30% of vitamins and minerals are absorbed using these conventional delivery systems, but herbs are absorbed to an even lesser degree. By using a delivery system in a food form, the key ingredients can be protected against aggressive early digestion and destabilization. Additionally, the absorption of theactive ingredients can be increased by a factor of two to 2.5 times by coating theactive ingredients with lecithin before putting them into the food system.

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