The sexual side effects and symptomatic benefits of an enriched herbal nutriceutical bar compared with traditional medical therapy in men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia: DISCUSSION (Part 2)

In: Benign prostatic hyperplasia

4 Oct 2012

Altwein reported a 2% to 18% ejaculatory dysfunction rate and a 5% to 9% ED rate in those patients who were treated with the alpha blockers. Lepor et al reported a 30% ejaculatory dysfunction rate in those patients treated with tam-sulosin. ventolin inhalers
There is a strong desire to provide the symptom management of BPH in a noninvasive manner that will not create the strong sexual or cardiovascular side effects that are seen with either surgery or medical therapy. Individual herbs and neu-triceuticals have been shown over the years to provide some symptomatic and therapeutic effects for prostate health.
This is the first report on a nutraceutical product that contains such a complex mixture of active ingredients that individually or in partial combination have been shown to have a beneficial medical impact on the signs and symptoms of prostate disease. The combination of this vast number of ingredients into a pleasant-tasting, well tolerated and stable bar was difficult, but was instigated by the fact that patients would have to take up to 25 pills per day to attain the same concentrations and number of ingredients.
We noted minimal side effects caused by eating the bar. It is of importance that the side effects associated with the ingestion of finasteride and terazosin alone or in combination, such as sexual dysfunction and dizziness, were not detected in the present study. This must be considered in light of the fact that there is a growing interest in men suffering from a prostate condition to use herbal remedies.
We saw none of the sexual dysfunction side effects that are created by surgery or medical therapy of the prostate.

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