The sexual side effects and symptomatic benefits of an enriched herbal nutriceutical bar compared with traditional medical therapy in men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia: DISCUSSION (Part 3)

In: Benign prostatic hyperplasia

5 Oct 2012

The results for the patients with BPH were very encouraging, with the treated patients showing an overall positive response rate of 75% compared with the placebo rate of 37.5%. There was a 24% and 35% absolute improvement in the IPSS and uroflow rates, respectively in the treatmentarm compared with a 6% improvement in the IPSS and a 7% deterioration in the uroflow rate in the placebo arm. In the literature, finasteride has been shown to be only as effective as a placebo and does not augment the effectiveness of terazosin. buy asthma inhaler
The long term effects of using the bar on alternate days also demonstrated the efficacy and safety of this specific mixture of herbs and nutrients over an extended period. In very small numbers (five patients), the patients who have continued to use the herbal bar for over two years have demonstrated the durability of symptom response and attest to the safety of the product and the essential absence of side effects. As with other chronic diseases, patients will always attempt to stop any therapy after a period of time, regardless of whether there is efficacy.
Like other studies conducted on Saw palmetto as a nutriceutical, no statistical change in the levels of PSA were noted during the three-month trial period reported in the present article. This study did not try to elucidate the mode of action of the herbal bar, but the combination of the ingredients that were used positively affected the symptoms displayed in the BPH patients.

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