The frequency of vitamin D deficiency in adults with Crohn’s disease: Serum 25-OHD deficiency

In: Crohn's disease

30 Jul 2012

patients with normal serum 25-OHD

Demographic characteristics of the patients with normal serum 25-OHD and those with serum 25-OHD deficiency are given in Table 1. Of the 242 consecutive patients assessed at baseline, 19 (8%) were found to have a serum 25-OHD of less than 25 nmol/L. Of those patients with 25-OHD deficiency, 11 (57.9%) were osteopenic, one (5.3%) was osteoporotic and seven (36.8%) had normal BMD. These BMD results did not differ significantly from the prevalence of low BMD in the non-25-OHD deficient Crohn’s disease cohort (48.6% osteopenia and 14.2% osteoporosis, P>0.05). In the 25-OHD deficient patients, decreased bone mineral density was most pronounced at the femoral neck and lumbar spine (47.4% and 42.1%, respectively).

This distribution of decreased bone mineral density did not differ from that of patients with normal levels of 25-OHD (51.9% femoral neck and 46.1% lumbar spine, P>0.05). Age at baseline, disease duration, BMI, corticosteroid use, and disease location did not differ between the deficient and normal 25-OHD group. There were a greater percentage of smokers in the 25-OHD deficient group than in the normal group (62.5% and 35.6%, respectively); however, this difference did not show statistical significance (%2=5.929, P=0.115). Choosing a fine online pharmacy where you can buy efficient medications is not an easy task, but now it is not a difficult one either. Soon you will have a chance to buy cialis online pharmacy buy here in just a few minutes of your time without having to worry about anything, and this does sound like a great thing to have.

TABLE 1 Demographic characteristics of 19 patients with Crohn’s Disease and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25-OHD) deficiency, compared with 219 Crohn’s disease patients with normal serum 25-OHD

Demographic characteristics Normal25-OHD Deficient25-OHD
Age (years) Mean ± SD 38.5±12.4 40.4±10.0
Sex (M/F) 97/122 09/10
Age at diagnosis (years) Mean ± SD 27.2±12.0 30.3±9.9
Years since Crohn’s disease diagnosis 11.3±8.7 10.1±8.9
Mean ± SD
Crohn’s disease location: (% of patients) (% of patients)
Colon 21.7 11.8
Ileum 37.7 41.2
Colon and ileum 40.1 41.2
Jejunum/duodenum 0.5 5.8
% smokers (at any time) 35.6 62.5
BMI (kg/m2) (Mean ± SD) 24.9±4.6 27.1±4.6
Number of flares requiring
a physician’s visit in last year (% of patients) (% of patients)
< 2 78.8 80.4
3-6 20.3 18.8
7-10 0.9 0.8
Patients who used steroids in last year (%) 51.6 47.4
Patients with normal bone density (%) 37.2 36.8
Patients with osteopenia (%) 48.6 57.9
Patients with osteoporosis (%) 14.2 5.3

25-OHD deficiency is defined as a serum 25-OHD concentration below 25 nmol/L. BMI Body mass index; F Female; M Male

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