The frequency of vitamin D deficiency in adults with Crohn’s disease: DISCUSSION (Part 1)

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4 Aug 2012

area of vitamin D research

This study, comprising 242 patients, demonstrates that 8% of adult patients with Crohn’s disease exhibit deficient serum levels of 25-OHD. This finding is highly significant, considering that deficient levels of 25-OHD are almost never reported in the healthy North American population. Nevertheless, the frequency of 25-OHD deficiency in our cohort is lower than the previously reported range of 17% to 68%. This difference may be explained by the fact that some of the previous studies used heterogeneous inflammatory bowel disease populations, others focused on small subsets of Crohn’s patients with small bowel involvement, and most were characterized by small study populations. Furthermore, global variation in exposure to sunlight and dietary intake and sources of vitamin D could account for the difference in the reported incidence of serum 25-OHD deficiency between this current study and others that have been reported from Norway, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Wales and Chicago, USA. Edmonton, the site of the present research, receives approximately 728 h of sunlight between October and March, and approximately 1577 h of sunlight between April and September, a variation sufficient to alter serum 25-OHD levels between seasons.

Many experts in the area of vitamin D research also examine the issue of 25-OHD insufficiency, defined conservatively as a serum 25-OHD below 40 nmol/L. In our study, 52 patients (22%) with Crohn’s disease demonstrated serum 25-OHD insufficiency (levels below 40 nmol/L) at the time of analysis. Similar to the 25-OHD-deficient group, the 25-OHD-insufficient group demonstrated no significant differences in T-scores at the lumbar spine, femoral neck, total hip or ultradistal radius, and continued to demonstrate elevated levels of alkaline phosphotase and PTH, but not N-teleopeptide. Nevertheless, patients with 25-OHD below 25 nmol/L demonstrated even higher levels of PTH and alkaline phosphatase. Efficient treatment has got less costly: find cialis discount cialis professional online at best online pharmacy.

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