The frequency of vitamin D deficiency in adults with Crohn’s disease: Determinants of 25-OHD deficiency

In: Crohn's disease

2 Aug 2012

Biochemical characteristics

Pearson correlation was carried out between serum 25-OHD and clinical characteristics in the Crohn’s disease population. Carotene and RBC folate both positively correlated with serum 25-OHD (r=0.250 and r=0.349, respectively, P<0.05) in the male population. In addition to the positive correlation with carotene and RBC folate (0.292, and 0.184, respectively, P<0.05) in the female Crohn’s disease population, smoking negatively correlated with serum 25-OHD (r=—0.258, P<0.05), and serum creatinine and iron positively correlated with serum 25-OHD (r=0.186, 0.226, respectively, P<0.05). Safe online shopping for drugs: *cheap viagra pills to make your drugs cheaper.

When forward regression analysis was performed, only RBC folate predicted serum 25-OHD (r=0.325, P<0.05) in the male Crohn’s disease population. In the female Crohn’s disease population, smoking, RBC folate and serum iron predicted serum 25-OHD (r=0.418, P<0.05). PTH was excluded from this analysis because of its known relationship to vitamin D.

When serum levels of 25-OHD were compared in smokers and nonsmokers with Crohn’s disease, 25-OHD was significantly lower in smokers (49.4±21.6 versus 58.3±23.3, respectively, P<0.005).

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