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The ingestion of the nutriceutical bar significantly improved the symptoms and signs of mild to moderate prostate disease with response rates comparable to those reported with other medical therapies. Not only was the incidence of side effects minimal, but there was no reported incidence of sexual or cardiovascular side effects as are found with the […]

Whether this bar has long term potential for decreasing the incidence of prostate cancer is a very long term question that may be partially answered by the SELECT trial. However, the anticancer properties of antioxidants, lycopene, soy protein isoflavones and selenium, which are all present in the bar, have been noted in the medical literature. […]

The results for the patients with BPH were very encouraging, with the treated patients showing an overall positive response rate of 75% compared with the placebo rate of 37.5%. There was a 24% and 35% absolute improvement in the IPSS and uroflow rates, respectively in the treatmentarm compared with a 6% improvement in the IPSS […]

Altwein reported a 2% to 18% ejaculatory dysfunction rate and a 5% to 9% ED rate in those patients who were treated with the alpha blockers. Lepor et al reported a 30%¬†ejaculatory dysfunction rate in those patients treated with tam-sulosin. ventolin inhalers There is a strong desire to provide the symptom management of BPH in […]

The multinational study of the aging male reviewed over 14,000 men from seven countries who were between the ages of 50 and 80 years. This was reported by Rosen at the American Urologic Association meeting in 2002. Sixty-five per cent to 92% of men in that age bracket had sex three to 7.6 times in […]

A total of 36 patients completed the first month of therapy with either the PROS-TECT nutriceutical bar (Food-Nutrition Inc, Canada) or the placebo bar. Each patient was directed to ingest one bar per day for the first month, followed by two months of alternate day therapy. A complete response was allotted to those patients who […]

Inclusion If the patient was male and between the ages of 18 and 85 years, suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of BPH (IPSS<20) with a post-void residual of <150cc and uroflow <15 mL/sec on a minimum 150 cc voided volume, he was offered an informed consent. buy ortho tri-cyclen online

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