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A valuable approach to the resolution of these questions may be a multicenter clinical study of all patients who come to surgery after receiving bleomycin. Because most of the case reports in the literature involve either complications or major surgical procedures, it would be helpful to study outcomes for all types of surgery in a […]

Although Goldiner et al recommends limiting crystalloid administration in favor of colloid, there are no reports which show that colloid is superior. Patients should be warned of the possibility of postoperative mechanical ventilation. After surgery the FIo2 should be the lowest required to maintain a target Pa02, and adequate intravascular volume should be maintained. proventil […]

This renal insufficiency will not only necessitate close monitoring of fluids but may indicate enhanced bleomycin-induced pulmonary damage due to impaired elimination of the drug. Cheap Diskus Advair Choice of anesthetic technique should be based on the location and extent of the surgical procedure. A regional technique may be considered if it allows for satisfactory […]

Recommendations In the preoperative evaluation of patients who have received bleomycin, the clinician should look carefully for a history of dyspnea, tachypnea, or dry cough. Rales heard when examining the lungs may indicate early toxicity. Baseline arterial blood gas analysis and chest x-ray films are recommended. The presence of interstitial disease on the chest x-ray […]

One patient developed pneumonia, which was treated with antibiotics, and another had postoperative atelectasis. These investigators concluded that a higher FIo2 than that reported in the series of Goldiner et al was not detrimental in patients with testicular cancer who had received bleomycin. ampicillin antibiotic

Since the study by Goldiner et al, several case reports have also implicated hyperoxia and fluid overload as causes of postoperative complications in bleomycin-treated patients. Other investigators attribute the absence of postoperative complications to the administration of a low FIo2 and limited fluids. antibiotics levaquin Contrary to the recommendations of Goldiner et al, several studies […]

Perioperative Complications In 1978, Goldiner et al published the first report of postanesthetic complications in patients who received bleomycin for germ cell tumors and later underwent retroperitoneal lymph node dissection or resection of pulmonary metastases. After reviewing the management of five bleomycin-treated patients who died of acute postoperative pulmonary complications, a prospective study of 12 […]

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