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Postoperative Pain of Two Intraosseous Anesthetic Techniques disscus

With respect to postoperative pain, the 2 subjects who were reperforated (1 Stabident and 1 X-Tip™) could have had a small effect on postoperative pain. However, it is very unlikely that the administration of an additional 0.3 mL […]

For the Stabident and X-Tip™ techniques, needle insertion for the infiltration injection, into alveolar mucosa, resulted in mild pain ratings, with 2-10% of the subjects reporting moderate pain and no reports of severe pain (Table 1). The mean VAS ratings were 34 for the Stabident technique and 28 for the X-Tip™ technique, which would be in the range of weak pain (Figure 3). There was no significant difference (P > […]

Forty-one adult subjects, 24 men and 17 women, from age 19 to 43 years with an average age of 26 years, participated. Because we studied a young adult population, the results of this study may not apply to children or the elderly.

Forty-one adult subjects, 24 men and 17 women, participated in this study. The subjects were in good health and were not taking any medications that would alter pain perception. The Ohio State University Human Subjects Review Committee approved the study and written informed consent was obtained from each subject.

Twenty-four mandibular left and 17 right sides were tested, with the first molar chosen as the tooth to receive the IO […]

Postoperative Pain of Two Intraosseous Anesthetic Techniques

The intraosseous injection (IO) allows placement of a local anesthetic directly into the cancellous bone adjacent to the tooth to be anesthetized. Currently, there is an intraosseous injection system marketed under the name Stabident (Fairfax Dental Inc, Miami, Fla). This […]

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