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Intestinal vitamin D malabsorption did not appear to be a major factor in determining 25-OHD status in our patients, as disease location did not influence serum 25-OHD levels. This is likely explained by the fact that the site of vitamin D absorption, the proximal jejunum, is not frequently involved in Crohn’s disease. Only two out of 242 patients in our study reported jejunal disease involvement. In addition, enterohepatic interruption, an […]

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Nevertheless, it does appear that a deficiency in 25-OHD did have adverse effects on bone metabolism. Patients with low serum 25-OHD experienced a higher mean alkaline phosphatase and serum PTH, when compared to the patients with normal 25-OHD levels. Similar findings have been previously reported in other studies. It has been […]

It is conceivable that our results represent an under-reporting of the incidence of 25-OHD -deficiency. Our study observed that the majority of patients exhibiting deficient serum levels had their 25-OHD levels assessed during the winter months (84.1%), yet the total distribution of measurements was equal between the winter and summer months. We would have expected a higher incidence of serum 25-OHD deficiency if all measurements were carried out within a specified […]

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This study, comprising 242 patients, demonstrates that 8% of adult patients with Crohn’s disease exhibit deficient serum levels of 25-OHD. This finding is highly significant, considering that deficient levels of 25-OHD are almost never reported in the healthy North American population. Nevertheless, the frequency of […]

Finally, only two of the 19 patients with low serum 25-OHD had elevated serum PTH levels above the upper limit of normal (greater than 6.8 pmol/L) at baseline. Both patients reported being smokers and one of these patients had a BMI of 17.6 kg/m2. In both cases, serum alkaline phosphatase levels were within normal range (30 to 130 IU/L).

Table 4 shows the number of patients with deficient and normal […]

Biochemical characteristics

Pearson correlation was carried out between serum 25-OHD and clinical characteristics in the Crohn’s disease population. Carotene and RBC folate both positively correlated with serum 25-OHD (r=0.250 and r=0.349, respectively, P<0.05) in the male population. In addition to the positive correlation […]

Biochemical characteristics for the 25-OHD-insufficient group were similar to those in the 25-OHD-deficient group (Table 3).

The mean T-scores at the lumbar spine, femoral neck, total hip and ultradistal radius for the normal 25-OHD and 25-OHD-deficient groups is shown in Table 2. No significant differences in the T-scores at any of these skeletal sites were found. In the 25-OHD-deficient group, age at diagnosis was the only variable to correlate, negatively, with […]

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