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hemoglobinThe starting and maximum doses of ribavirin and the impact of therapy on hemoglobin levels have been shown previously. The dose of ribavirin was able to be increased in four patients; however, only three patients (23%) received doses of ribavirin greater than 1000 mg/day. Seven patients (54%) received greater than 10.6 mg/kg of ribavirin, […]

SVR was seen in four of eight patients (50%) with early-stage disease compared with none of the five patients with advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis (P=0.1). The starting and maximum doses of PEG-IFN and the impact of therapy on neutrophil and platelet counts have been shown previously. The average starting dose of PEG-IFN was 0.91 pg/kg once weekly. Dose escalation of PEG-IFN was possible in only four patients, and only two […]

PEG-IFN monotherapyTwo patients, who were switched to PEG-IFN monotherapy because of significant hemolysis on Rebetron, experienced a flare in their ALT levels after a change in their interferon. Patient 11 had his ALT level increase from 217 U/L to 439 U/L and he subsequently discontinued PEG-IFN after five weeks because of severe myalgias. […]

The average starting dose of ribavirin was 660 mg per day in two daily divided doses (Table 3). The average duration of PEG-IFN treatment was 34.5 weeks (range two to 93 weeks). Six patients (46%) completed at least 48 weeks of antiviral treatment with PEG-IFN (and/or standard interferon) and ribavirin. Patient 12 was still HCV-RNA-positive by polymerase chain reaction after nine months of Rebetron and 48 weeks of PEG-IFN and […]

ImmunosuppressionImmunosuppression was minimized before beginning PEG-IFN therapy and no patients at the time of treatment were on prednisone, mycophenolate mofetil or azathioprine. Seven patients were on cyclosporine monotherapy, three patients were on sirolimus monotherapy, two patients were on tacrolimus monotherapy and one patient was on a combination of tacrolimus and sirolimus.

Therapy was initiated an […]

Beginning in January 2002, treatment with PEG-IFN began in a total of 13 patients (10 men and three women) with recurrent HCV following LT (Table 1). These 13 patients represent one-third of the 39 HCV-positive LT recipients among the 144 LT recipients followed by the Southern Alberta Transplant Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. The mean age of these patients was 49.4 years (range 39.4 to 61.3 years) at the time of […]

liver transplantationHepatitis C virus (HCV)-related cirrhosis is the most common indication for liver transplantation (LT), with approximately one-third of all patients worldwide being transplanted for HCV-related complications. Virological recurrence of HCV after LT is universal and histological recurrence may appear in as many as 90% of patients. The natural history of HCV after […]

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