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They demonstrate that cytokines can stimulate fibroblast proliferation and collagen production when present individually and inhibit fibroblast proliferation and collagen production when present simultaneously. They also demonstrate that fibroblasts can produce IL-l-a, IL-6, and IL-l-p and that the highest levels of these moieties are seen in cells stimulated with rIL-1 and rTNF in combination. If one assumes that granulomas and abscesses are the result of localized insults (infectious, occupational or […]

IL-l-a mediates fever, stimulates the acute phase response, and is an important regulator of B lymphocyte, T lymphocyte, granulocyte, endothelial cell, macrophage, and fibroblast function. IL-6 is also an important regulator of T cell function, B cell function, the acute phase response, and fever. Thus, cytokine stimulated fibroblasts do more than proliferate and produce matrix in response to inflammatory cytokines. They must also be thought of as important immune effector […]

Cytokine Networks in the Regulation of Inflammation and Fibrosis in the Lung: Discussion (Part 2)The inhibition of fibroblast proliferation caused by rIL-1 plus rTNF was, at least partially, mediated by fibroblast PGE2 […]

In order to further understand the processes regulating inflammation and fibrosis in the human lung, we characterized the effects of rIL-1, rTNF, and rIFN-‘Y on human lung fibroblast proliferation and collagen production. In an effort to more accurately simulate the in vivo situation, we analyzed the effects of these cytokines in combination as well as individually. In accord with our previous studies, these investigations demonstrated that rIL-1 and rTNF, individually, […]

Fibroblast IL-1-P
IL-l-a and IL-l-p are closely related moieties that are frequently produced simultaneously. To determine if the cytokines that induced fibroblast IL-l-a also induced fibroblast IL-l-p, we determined whether supernatants and lysates from unstimulated and cytokine-stimulated fibroblasts contained IL-l-p bioactivity or IL-l-p protein. Il-l-p bioactivity was not detected in supernatants or lysates from unstimulated cells or cells stimulated with rIL-1 and/or rTNF (data not shown). IL-l-P protein was […]

Cytokine-cytokine interactions play an important role in regulating fibroblast collagen production as well as fibroblast proliferation. Under serum-free conditions, rIFN-7 did not consistently alter fibroblast collagen production. However, it did negate the stimulatory effects of rIL-1 (a or P) (Fig 4) or rTNF (data not shown). In addition, combining rIL-1 and rTNF caused fibroblasts to produce less collagen than they did with either cytokine individually (data not shown). Thus, individual […]

Cytokine Networks in the Regulation of Inflammation and Fibrosis in the Lung (Part 4)These studies clearly demonstrate that cytokines in combination have different effects on fibroblast proliferation than they have individually. In accord […]

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