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Cold Pressor Test

In the literature, various distraction techniques have been shown to raise the pain threshold. As an experimental pain model, the cold pressor test has been widely used since it provides a standardized and relatively intense pain stimulus. If a significant […]

None of the volunteers withdrew their immersed hand before the fixed time period of 3 minutes had been completed. The medians for the VAS scores for the three methods are shown in Table 1. In the male group, 3D video produced a statistically significant reduction in pain and unpleasantness compared with the control condition (P < .01), whereas there was no significant effect of 2D video. In the female group, […]


Thirteen healthy male undergraduate students were enrolled as one group and 11 female undergraduate students entered the study as another group. They were recruited by bill posting. All of the volunteers were healthy and used no medication. They had no previous experience with video glasses or cold pressor pain. The effect of video glasses was explained to the participants using the following neutral information: “Video glasses are today used […]

Pain and Unpleasantness

Distraction and attention can exert a powerful influence on the perceived intensity of painful stimuli. Previous studies on modulation of pain and unpleasantness have documented the effect of showing movies and have demonstrated that humor, repulsive scenes, as well as […]

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