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Nondiabetic Diabetic DISCUSSIONAlthough it is well known that stress can increase blood glucose levels, as shown in previous experimental studies in *diabetic and nondiabetic animals and humans, it is difficult to standardize the type of stress and to generalize the conclusions from one study to another.

Some authors consider dental treatment a stressing procedure, and as such […]

The Figure shows the pooled values of all volunteers for each session and time of blood collection. In the Table, it can be seen that there were significant differences between the 2 groups, diabetics and nondiabetics, among sessions and times of blood samples (P = .00003); the diabetic group showed higher values than the nondiabetic group. In each group no differences were found among sessions and times of blood samples (P […]

Ethical approval for this investigation was obtained from the Ethical Committee in Research at the Piracicaba Dental School/University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Twenty volunteers took part in this study: 10 *non-insulin-dependent subjects (mean age 48.4 ± 6.65 years) and 10 healthy subjects (mean age 41.9 ± 11.67 years).

Nondiabetic and Non-Insulin-dependent Diabetic

Anxiety and fear are frequently related to dental treatment and are of major concern to dentists. Stress can lead to an undesirable increase of heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. The fight or flight response caused by stress includes sympathetic discharge and elevations in circulating levels of catecholamines, glucocorticoids, and growth […]

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