Survey of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons’ Offices: METHODS

In: Anesthesia

22 Sep 2009

To determine the adequacy of anesthesia team preparedness for inspection in offices of oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the state of Virginia, a 7-question survey was sent to all of the surgeons listed in the 2003 AAOMS directory. There were 155 surgeons surveyed and 128 returns (82.6%). All of ever, the Board does not require an inspection to verify that the equipment is available and functional.

The AAOMS requires all state component societies to have an office anesthesia emergency preparedness protocol in place; an office inspection for every new practitioner; and for each office, new or established, to be re-evaluated on a 5-year cycle. The responsibility for the office evaluation lies with the individual practice, but the mechanism of inspection can be determined by the state component. The AAOMS has an Office Anesthesia Evaluation Manual that, although not required of each office to have on hand, is an excellent guide for both the practitioner and the inspection team. Addition the questions on each returned form were completed. The questions asked are listed in the Table. Statistical analysis was not performed.
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