Real and Pseudo Late Asthmatic Reactions after Submaximai Exercise Challenge in Patients with Bronchial Asthma (6)

In: Asthma

27 Jan 2013

Baseline PEFR variability in the first 30 minutes of both control days was split up in three components due to different sources of variability. The first coefficient of variation, due to within-patient variation of PEFR on one control day, was 3.9 percent. The second coefficient of variation, representing the within-patient variation between PEFR on both control days, was 3.7 percent. The third coefficient of variation, describing the variation in mean PEFR levels between patients, was also 3.7 percent. The total within-patient coefficient of variation of baseline PEFR values in the first 30 minutes of both study days was 5.4 percent. Assuming a Gaussian distribution and using 95 percent confidence intervals, we did not allow baseline PEFR on exercise and control day to differ more than 15.3 percent in the same patient when comparing exercise and control day for the late fall in PEFR in study 2. flovent inhaler
In nine of the 21 patients who completely filled in their PEFR values, repeated measurements analysis of variance on hourly recorded PEFR values on both study days revealed no early effect when PEFR at 1 hour was compared with baseline PEFR (p = 0.83) and no late effect when PEFR at 4 to 13 hours was compared with baseline PEFR (p = 0.32). There was no difference between both study days when PEFR at 1 hour was compared with baseline PEFR (p = 0.12) and when PEFR at 4 to 13 hours was compared with baseline PEFR (p = 0.88).

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