Perioperative Considerations for Patients Treated with Bleomycin (11)

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13 Apr 2013

Perioperative Considerations for Patients Treated with Bleomycin (11)A retrospective clinical study by Lower et al of 32 patients who had received bleomycin compared the incidence of pulmonary fibrosis as diagnosed by chest x-ray films in smokers and nonsmokers. Twelve of the 32, all smokers, had roentgenographic findings consistent with pulmonary fibrosis. Ten of the 32 patients were classified as lifelong nonsmokers and had no disease detectable by chest x-ray film. Therefore, the incidence of pulmonary fibrosis in this study was 55 percent in smokers, compared to zero in nonsmokers. The difference in the incidence of pulmonary fibrosis as seen on the chest x-ray film between smokers and nonsmokers in this study is of sufficient magnitude to suggest that smoking may potentiate bleomycin-induced pulmonary damage. buy yasmin online
Because hydrogen peroxide is one of the reactive oxygen metabolites which has been implicated in pulmonary damage, Lower et al followed their clinical study with an investigation into the release of hydrogen peroxide from alveolar macrophages collected from smokers and nonsmokers, both with and without bleomycin treatment in vitro. These investigators found that alveolar macrophages recovered from nonsmokers did not secrete detectable amounts of hydrogen peroxide, but that detectable amounts were secreted after treatment with bleomycin in vitro.

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