Pegylated-interferon alpha 2b and ribavirin for recurrent hepatitis C: Results (Part 5)

In: Recurrent hepatitis C

17 Sep 2012

This normalized his liver biochemistry and was reasonably well-tolerated. The most serious morbidity in the series was seen in patients 9 to 13, all of whom had advanced fibrosis. Patients 9 and 11, who had previously tolerated Rebetron after LT, developed debilitating myalgias requiring the discontinuation of PEG-IFN after only two and five doses, respectively. Subsequently, both of these patients developed episodes of ACR associated with jaundice shortly after terminating the PEG-IFN therapy. Patient 9 recovered with intravenous steroids but later developed decompensated cirrhosis with ascites and peripheral edema. Patient 11 did not respond to steroids and died of decompensated cirrhosis shortly thereafter. Patient 10 developed jaundice and ACR after six weeks of PEG-IFN and ribavirin therapy. Despite discontinuation of HCV therapy and intravenous steroids, he developed hepatic decompensation with encephalopathy and subsequently died of hepatorenal syndrome. Immunosuppression levels, which were stable before initiating therapy in all patients, became subther-apeutic while on PEG-IFN and ribavirin in all three patients who developed ACR. Patient 13 developed progressive renal failure and had a generalized seizure 32 weeks into PEG-IFN and ribavirin therapy. He had active urine sediment and had antiglomerular basement membrane antibodies in the serum. Your drugs could be a lot cheaper and your treatment could be still as safe and efficient as always: all you need to do to get your ampicillin antibiotic is shop at the best pharmacy offering its services to you right here right now.

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