Pain and Unpleasantness Evoked by a Cold Pressor Test: RESULTS

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11 Mar 2010

None of the volunteers withdrew their immersed hand before the fixed time period of 3 minutes had been completed. The medians for the VAS scores for the three methods are shown in Table 1. In the male group, 3D video produced a statistically significant reduction in pain and unpleasantness compared with the control condition (P < .01), whereas there was no significant effect of 2D video. In the female group, there was a significant reduction of unpleasantness using the 2D video compared with the control (P < .05); no other significant effects were seen in the female group. Between the groups (males and females), there was a significant difference (P < .01) in the rating of unpleasantness in the 3D video condition, while there were no significant differences between genders in the other conditions (2D, control).

Table 1. Median and Range for VAS Scores of Pain and Unpleasantness for Males and Females

Males (N

= 13)

Females (N

= 11)





Three-dimensional video Two-dimensional video Control 23 (5-73)* 42 (2-83) 48 (0-88) 23 (12-71)’ 31 (12-83) 40 (13-82) 50 (1-78) 38 (10-70) 45 (12-98) 50 (35-89) 42 (16-73)t 48 (16-70)

Table 2 shows the result of the question “If you were going to participate in another cold pressor test, would you prefer 2D video, 3D video, or no video?” Of the volunteers who rated the 3D condition as the one causing the most pain reduction, 73% stated that the 3D would be the preferred method if they were to repeat the test again. Of the volunteers who had rated 2D as the least painful condition under which to undergo a cold pressor test, 75% preferred the 2D method if they were to participate again. None of the volunteers stated that they would prefer to repeat the test without video glasses.
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Table 2. Answers to the Question “If you were going to re-peat the cold pressor test, would you prefer it with 2D video, 3D video, or without video?”

Males (%) (N = 13) Females (%) (N = 11)
Three-dimensional video



Two-dimensional video



Video, but no preferences



No video



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