One-Year Longitudinal Study of a No-Smoking Policy in a Medical Institution: Discussion (Part 3)

In: No-Smoking Policy

25 Oct 2012

Two recent studies, one conducted at Mayo Clinic and the other at the Oregon Health Sciences University, have reported on their methods for developing their smoke-free policies. Six months after implementing its policy, each institution reported wide acceptance of the smoking ban by both staff and patients. Each concluded that a no-smoking policy can be implemented if it is well planned and supported by staff. Our findings are in accord with this conclusion. ventolin inhalers
As with all longitudinal surveys, a study s findings must be tempered by the possibility that uncontrolled factors may have influenced the results. In our study, repetitive questionnaires may have sensitized employ ees and patients in their responses to questions. This may have influenced their tobacco use patterns or the honesty of answers irrespective of the policy’s impact. Our institutions concurrent ongoing 20-year-old, in dividual, group, nicotine replacement smoking cessa tion programs may have been another factor or inter acting force that influenced employees’ attitudes rather than the policy itself. Still another factor may be the national trend, rigorously supported by the former Surgeon General, in stopping this, the major national cause of preventable death and disability.

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