Noninvasive Options for Ventilatory Support of the Traumatic High Level Quadriplegic Patient: Patients and Methods (6)

In: Pulmonary function

3 Jan 2013

Noninvasive Options for Ventilatory Support of the Traumatic High Level Quadriplegic Patient: Patients and Methods (6)7.    When the efficacy of NVA had been established, the tracheostomy tube was usually replaced by a tracheostomy button before definitively allowing the tracheostomy site to close.
8.    In general, patients were tried on a variety of methods of NVA and allowed to use the techniques that were effective and which they preferred. No strapless oral-nasal interfaces were constructed for these patients.- None of the patients on overnight mouth IPPV required the use of nasal cotton pledgets to prevent excessive nasal leakage. As with patients with other conditions, these patients on NVA without a tracheostomy and with no significant free time used nasal IPPV or an IAPV when dental work was needed. buy levaquin online
During an URI or uncomplicated pneumonia some patients temporarily used an iron lung or Porta-lung (Porta-lung, Inc, Boulder, CO). This assured effective ventilation while freeing the mouth for suctioning and clearing airway secretions. Other patients continued mouth IPPV with deeper and more frequent sighs to improve coughing function and for longer hours because of greater fatigue. Some patients used mouth IPPV simultaneously with a body ventilator during these episodes. Intubation was only necessary for the patient with pneumonia and significant ventilation/ perfusion disturbance inadequately compensated by NVA and minimal supplemental oxygen therapy. Standard care including appropriate diagnostic studies, antibiotics, frequent chest physical therapy, postural drainage, and supportive care were also essential during these episodes

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