Natural history of C282Y homozygotes for hemochromatosis: RESULTS Part 4

In: Hemochromatosis

1 Jun 2012

Cumulative survival

HFE geneThe cumulative survival rates of the entire group of C282Y homozygotes were 95% at five years, 93% at 10 years and 66% at 20 years. The rate of survival was lower in diabetic than in nondiabetic patients, and lower in cirrhotic than in noncirrhotic patients (P<0.05, log rank test). The major factors affecting survival according to multivariable analysis were diabetes and cirrhosis (Table 2). High quality medications available at best pharmacy that will make sure you are comfortable and secure when buying asthma inhalers or any other medicine that you need at any point.

Summary of model results of sequential, backward stepwise proportional hazards regressions

Variable Risk ratio 95% CI
Diabetes 3.95 1.6-10.0
Cirrhosis 2.92 1.2-7.5
Diagnosis after age 50 years 2.68 1.7-4.3
Arthritis* 0.29 0.1-0.8

*The apparent protective effect of arthritis is the reciprocal of the risk of not having arthritis, eg, 1/0.29=3.4

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