Lactate Levels as Predictors of the Relationship between Oxygen Delivery and Consumption in ARDS (2)


14 Jan 2013

Oxygen consumption in these patients will thus increase if an increase in Do2 enhances oxygen availability to deficient areas. In turn, in the absence of an oxygen debt, Vo2 will be linked to metabolic demands and will be independent of Do2.
It is difficult to provide a physiologic rationale for the failure by other investigators to observe a biphasic pattern in the systemic utilization of oxygen in patients with ARDS, since the extrapulmonary clinical features of these patients are similar to those with sepsis. The identification of a subset of ARDS patients who exhibit supply-dependent oxygen utilization and signs of anaerobic metabolism may be clinically important. Therapeutic measures to increase oxygen transport and consumption could therefore be justified for such patients. Additionally, the identification of supply-independent oxygen utilization in other patients would suggest that interventions to increase oxygen transport may be unnecessary in these patients. Buy Asthma Inhalers Online
To test the hypothesis that lactate levels may distinguish between a supply-dependent and a supply-independent response in patients with ARDS, we investigated patients who met standard criteria for ARDS, assessed Vo2 in response to manipulations of Do2, and separately analyzed subsets with and without lactic acidosis.

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