Influenza in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: Results (Part 4)

In: Influenza

22 Nov 2012

Influenza in Patients with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: Results (Part 4)Influenza B was later isolated from both the admission sputum and broncho-scopic specimens. The pathologic specimen showed focal chronic inflammation and fibrosis with increased numbers of macrophages. The patient was discharged after nine days of hospitalization with a diagnosis of “bacterial versus viral pneumonia.” At the time of follow-up 14 days later, he denied residual respiratory or systemic symptoms other than headache. buy ortho tri-cyclen
The median duration of hospitalization for five patients was five days (range, three to nine days); one patient was treated without hospitalization. Follow-up was available on all six patients at a median of 26 days from the date of onset of symptoms (Table 2). At the time of return visit, respiratory complaints persisted in four patients. One patient complained of nonspecific systemic symptoms in the absence of respiratory complaints, and one patient complained only of headaches. Of the four patients with prolonged respiratory symptoms, one had a previous diagnosis of asthma, and three were cigarette smokers. Three patients were given oral antibiotics for productive cough, and one was instructed to use inhaled bronchodilators as needed.

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