Influence of Diazepam on Blood Glucose Levels in Nondiabetic and Non-Insulin-dependent Diabetic Subjects Under Dental Treatment With Local Anesthesia. RESULTS

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10 Sep 2009

The Figure shows the pooled values of all volunteers for each session and time of blood collection. In the Table, it can be seen that there were significant differences between the 2 groups, diabetics and nondiabetics, among sessions and times of blood samples (P = .00003); the diabetic group showed higher values than the nondiabetic group. In each group no differences were found among sessions and times of blood samples (P > .05).

The mean values (in percentage) for glycosylated hemoglobin of *diabetic and nondiabetic groups were 6.1% and 8.0%, respectively.

There were no significant changes in systolic (P = .2890) and diastolic (P = .9391) blood pressures and heart rates (P = .7418) from baseline values between groups and among sessions and times of blood samples. No statistically significant differences (P = .1988) were found in the anxiety level between diabetics and non-diabetics as measured by the Corah Dental Anxiety Scale. The majority of nondiabetic (80%) and diabetic volunteers (100%) were classified as slightly to moderately anxious. Cheap generic cialis


Time after breakfast (min)

Mean of blood glucose concentration versus time of blood sample for each group and session. Mean values for diabetics (———- )
and nondiabetics (—) in each session: baseline (■), diazepam (A), and placebo (•). The fasting blood sample is represented by time 0 minutes, and 60 minutes denotes the recording made immediately before the local anesthetic injection.

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