Exercise Body Surface Potential Mapping in Single and Multiple Coronary Artery Disease: Methods (7)

In: Coronary Artery Disease

15 Dec 2012

Conmary Angiography In addition to standard clinical evaluation of percent luminal narrowing (Table 1), the coronary arteriograms of all study patients were assessed according to the Pujadas,” Green lane and modified Gensini scoring systems. Our modification of the Gensini system was designed to allow for the presence of effective collaterals. For example, the collateral score for an occluded left anterior descending artery was calculated as follows: reopacified and normal, 32×0.5; reopacified and 99 percent, 32×0.5x V<; reopacified and 90 percent, 32×0.5x*/2; reopacified and 75 percent, 32×0.5×14; reopacified and 50 percent, 32×0.5x reopacified and 25 percent, 32 x 0.5 x */i6; and, 99 percent receiving collateral, 16×0.5. As in our previous study, the quantitative arteriographic scores were utilized in each patient as a measure of resting myocardium at potential risk for stress-induced ischemia.
Statistical Analysis
All grouped data were expressed as mean ± SD.
The null hypothesis that there were no differences in the sum of ST integral decrease from rest to immediate cessation of exercise among the four CAD patient groups and the normal control subjects was tested by analysis of variance and Tukey s multiple comparison test. Within each of the five study groups the null hypotheses that there were no differences in the sum of ST decrease between preexercise rest and immediate cessation of exercise and between rest and 5 min of post-exercise recovery were tested by paired t tests. ventolin inhalers
The null hypothesis that there were no correlations among: the sum of the negative ST integral values at rest; sum ST integral decrease between rest and immediate cessation of exercise and between rest and 5 min recovery; the coronary arteriographic scores; and the thallium perfusion scores of all CAD patients was tested by bivariate correlation coefficient (Pearsons).

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