Exercise Body Surface Potential Mapping in Single and Multiple Coronary Artery Disease: Methods (4)

In: Coronary Artery Disease

12 Dec 2012

Exercise Body Surface Potential Mapping in Single and Multiple Coronary Artery Disease: Methods (4)BSPM Recording
We utilized previously described methods of BSPM data acquisition. Briefly, this included 117 torso and four limb electrodes of silver-silver chloride. The superior limb electrodes were placed over the acromio-clavicular joints and the inferior limb electrodes over the superior iliac spines; these placements were selected to reduce exercise motion artifact. All 120 leads were sampled simultaneously for 15-s epochs at 500 samples per second per channel and the data stored in digital form on magnetic tape using a PDP 11/24 computer. Wilsons central terminal was used as reference and each channel amplifier had a gain of 2,000. buy levaquin online

With 12 bit samples resolution was 2.5 p,V for the least significant bit in the dynamic range ±5 mV Maps were recorded at: pre-exercise rest; immediately upon cessation of exercise (which was utilized as the peak exercise-equivalent to minimize skeletal muscle motion artifact); and at 1 and 5 min post-exercise recovery. The peak exercise heart rate was defined as the average rate over 15 s of recorded data during the last minute of exercise.

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