Exercise Body Surface Potential Mapping in Single and Multiple Coronary Artery Disease: Methods (2)

In: Coronary Artery Disease

10 Dec 2012

Exercise Body Surface Potential Mapping in Single and Multiple Coronary Artery Disease: Methods (2)Group 4 was composed of 15 CAD patients who fatigued on exercise, in the absence of angina or diagnostic (^0.1 mV) ST depression in lead V5 (Table 2). The group 4 patients had a range of CAD. Eight patients had single-vessel CAD; six had two-vessel CAD; and one patient in group 4 had three-vessel CAD (Table 1). Thirteen of the 15 group 4 patients had critical CAD, but two patients had < critical disease in any single artery (Table 1). Patient 41 (Table 1) had 40 percent luminal narrowing in both the left anterior descending and right coronary arteries; patient 50 (Table 1) had only 60 percent narrowing of the left anterior descending artery.
Of the 51 CAD patients, 49 were on anti-ischemic medications at the time of exercise study. There were no differences in patterns of drug utilization among the four CAD groups. For example, beta-blockers were being taken by 16 of23 (70 percent) group 1 patients; five of eight (63 percent) group 2 patients; four of five (80 percent) group 3 patients; and 11 of 15 (73 percent) group 4 patients. buy ampicillin
Group 5 was a control group of eight normal adults recruited for study purposes from the hospital environment. All control subjects had a history of normal exercise tolerance and absence of cardiac or other disease symptoms. All control subjects had normal physical, 12-lead electrocardiographic and echocardiographic examinations (Table 3); none underwent coronary angiography. Six control subjects performed single-exercise BSPM tests; two others performed two separate tests to different, a prion-selected, target heart rates on each test (Table 3). Thus, eight normal subjects and ten normal exercise BSPM tests were utilized for comparison purposes in this study.

Table 3—Exercise Test Data of Eight Normal Subjects

2 ST Decrease (p.V*s)
Peak Cessation Cessation
Subject Age (yr), Sex Heart Rate — Rest — Rest
1 43,M 99 – 717 – 336
la 43,M 114 -4,403 -2,017
2 33,M 98 -1,073 – 558
3 39,F 95 – 856 -1,005
3a 39,F 105 – 664 -1,001
4 24,M 112 -4,895 -2,389
5 22,F 118 -4,900 -3,644
6 17,M 80 -2,806 – 681
7 17,M 94 – 715 – 497
8 22,M 111 -2,204 – 507
Mean ± SD 30 103 -2,323 -1,264*
11 12 1,809 1,080

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