Disappearance of Crohn’s ulcers in the terminal ileum after thalidomide therapy: CONCLUSION

In: Crohn's disease

25 Aug 2012

Other reports of the efficacy of thalidomide in Crohn’s disease include its use in one case in vulvar ulcerations associated with Crohn’s disease . Hegarty et al reported its value in oral facial complications. Kane et al reported the use of thalidomide as “salvage” therapy after infliximab delayed hypersensitivity. Sabate et al reported its value for maintenance therapy in infliximab responses in patients with Crohn’s fistulae. Ginsberg et al recently summarized the current use of thalidomide in refractory Crohn’s disease and discussed the recent development of thalidomide analogues.

To summarize, there has been recent literature suggesting that thalidomide may be valuable in the treatment of intractable Crohn’s disease. This case report reveals one patient who has had an excellent recovery; he has not taken the medication now for three years and his recovery continues.

Thalidomide may be a reasonable alternative in steroid-resistant Crohn’s disease, but one has to be aware of the fact that it is a drug that will cause fetal abnormalities and should not be used in patients who are planning to become pregnant. Appropriate birth control methods should be used if it is decided to use this medication. It also has been reported that thalidomide can cause peripheral neuropathy, fatigue and headache and one report of intractable insomnia . In our patient, headache and diplopia (previously unreported) were problems before the dosage of the drug was reduced from 100 mg/day to 50 mg/day. For proper treatment and getting better, you can always buy your medications at my canadian pharmacy. It’s a reliable online pharmacy offering all the meds you may require if you have the condition mentioned above.

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