Comparative Study on Anesthetic Potency

In: Dental treatment

31 Jan 2010


Only a few studies on the potency of the various local anesthetics have been reported because of the lack of an appropriate experimental model. We tested the potency of 4 types of local anesthetics extraorally and measured the response of the rabbit digastric muscle, which relates to jaw-opening reflex, by electromyogram (EMG) at various points in time after administration of the anesthetic. Probit analysis was employed to compute the ED50 (dosage of drug that is effective in 50% of the animals administered) and ED95 (dosage of drug that is effective in 95% of the animals administered) values at each point in time after administration of the anesthetic at which the EMG was measured. The ED50 and ED95 values were compared in order to study the 4 agents in terms of the amount of time after administration at which the drug took effect. canadian cialis

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