Colorectal polyposis and immune-based therapies: Proliferation of T lymphocytes

In: Colorectal polyposis

5 Sep 2012

Currently, there has been much interest in cytokines as immunological mediators in colon adenoma and colorectal cancer. Many studies have associated inflammation and cancer of the colon with the immune-mediated actions of cytokines, and several studies have linked cytokine production and premalignant polyps. Cytokine involvement in colon cancer may be characterized by four types of biological activities: growth and proliferation of T cells, dysregulation of cell-cell adhesion signals, induction of apoptotic pathways and TGF-P-mediated growth control of neoplastic tissue.

Studies on the immune responses involved in colon cancer demonstrate that expression of cytokines secreted by TH1 cells can generate cell-mediated immunity against colorectal tumours. Colorectal cancer cells have the ability to downregu-late T cell activity, with decreased T cell activation being found in the venous blood that drains from the tumour compared with arterial blood leading to the malignant lesion. IL-2-activated killer lymphocytes secrete inflammatory cytokines such as IFN-y and TNF-a that can induce nitric oxide synthesis. Lymphocytes of patients with colorectal cancer are unable to develop into effective lymphokine-activated-killer cells or tumour-specific CTLs. IL-1 is known to regulate the proliferation and differentiation of immune cells in human colon cancer cell lines. IL-12 stimulates the proliferation of nai’ve T cells into TH1 cells and enhances the production of IFN-y from activated T lymphocytes in vitro. Shop online with the best pharmacy that will ensure high quality of your medications and will offer cheapest ventolin inhaler with no rx required any time you need this or any other one for your medical problem.

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