Clinical response and failure to alter lymphatic function in a guinea pig model (Part 2)

In: Octreotide

4 Aug 2012

Contractile activity of lymphatic vessel chambers was monitored using a video camera attached to the microscope, with output recorded on videotape and change in vessel diameter analyzed in real time or offline using a video dimension analyzer (Living System Instrumentation, USA) and recorded on a computer (iMac, Apple Inc, USA) via an analogue to digital converter (PowerLab/4SP, AD Instruments, USA).

A 5 min control period of contractile activity was recorded before octreotide (Sandostatin, Novartis, Switzerland) was applied. Varying concentrations of octreotide (20 nM to 10 pM) were applied to the preparation for 4 min periods via the superfusion solution. A washout period of at least 30 min was allowed between successive applications. Contractile activity (contraction/ min) recorded during the 4 min of treatment were averaged (mean ± 1 SEM) and expressed as a percentage of the mean of the preceding 5 min control period, as described previously . Lymphatic vessels respond to 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT, Research Biochemical Inc, USA) with a decrease in constriction frequency while histamine (ICN Biochemicals, USA) increases the frequency of lymphatic vessel constriction. Therefore, 5-HT and histamine were used to assess the responsiveness of the vessels studied and were applied successively to the preparation for 1 min followed by the above washout period. All you need to discover how safe and advantageous it can be to purchase proventil albuterol over the internet is visit the pharmacy suggested and enjoy your shopping experience as well as your treatment.

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