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A particular reference should be made to the findings of pigment deposition. It may be considered a bioindicator of exposure to fossil fuel combustion related to air pollution or agricultural process involving burning for harvesting purposes, wood burning, and cigarette smoking. In those exposed only to cigarette smoke, the pathologic findings were dominated by the findings of brown-colored macrophages (“smoker’s pigment”) within respiratory bronchioles, as well as neighboring alveolar ductus […]

Respiratory Changes due to Long-term Exposure to Urban Levels of Air Pollution: Examination of the dataExamination of the data suggests that the lesions associated with pollution exposure are mostly confined to the more distal segments of the airway […]

The results of the present investigation indicate that humans living in a polluted neighborhood of Sao Paulo had histopathologic evidence of damage to the small airways when compared with a matched population living in cleaner environments. The polluted area was Guarulhos, an industrial area of the Sao Paulo metropolitan area. Air pollution in this region is produced by both automotive and industrial sources. Unfortunately, only measurements of par-ticulated material with […]

Respiratory Changes due to Long-term Exposure to Urban Levels of Air Pollution: DiscussionThis article was aimed at verifying the possible differences in histopathologic changes seen in the lungs of relatively young individuals who reside in an area where there is a great deal of particulate air pollution as compared with […]

Table 4 reports the estimated regression coefficients on the indicator variable for living in the high pollution area. Even after controlling for age, sex, smoking status, pack-years smoked, and occupational exposure, statistically significant elevated scores of the histopathologic parameters were observed for those individuals who had lived in the high pollution areas. The associations for inflammation and wall thickness with high pollution exposure are quite strong. Not only are they […]

Respiratory Changes due to Long-term Exposure to Urban Levels of Air Pollution: ResultsThere was substantial truncation of the values of some of the scores. Over half of the scores for hypersecretion were scored at zero, potentially resulting in biased effect estimates from standard ordinary least squares (OLS) regression. Therefore, the […]

Measurements of Distal Parenchyma (Membranous Bronchioli and Subpleural Areas): The analysis of the distal parenchyma was designed to verify the presence of pathologic changes in the membranous bronchioli. We evaluated the amount of deposition of carbon pigment in the regions of lymphatic drainage: subpleural connective tissue and the axial connective tissue around bronchi and blood vessels. The number of spots in carbon deposition was counted in five randomly selected bronchovascu-lar […]

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