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Ballinger and Farthing described the successful use of octreotide in a patient with primary intestinal lymphangiectasia and showed that octreotide decreased enteric protein loss, and led to resolution of pleural effusions and improvement in serum albumin levels. Kuroiwa et al , Strehl et al and Klingenberg et al reported individual patients with primary intestinal lymphangiectasia who also were successfully treated with octreotide; remarkably, one study noted resolution of both endoscopic and […]

octreotide therapyThis is the first published report, that we are aware of, in which octreotide therapy failed to improve clinical parameters in a patient with primary intestinal lymphangiectasia. Furthermore, our laboratory studies failed to show that octreotide altered lymphatic function as assessed by monitoring […]

Under intraluminal perfusion (2.5 pL/min) with a physiological saline solution, mesenteric lymphatic vessels spontaneously and rhythmically constricted at a frequency between nine and 26 constrictions/min. In preparations from the six animals tested, octreotide (4 pM) applied into the superfusion solution during 4 min periods did not affect either the constriction frequency or lymphatic vessel pumping activity (Figure 1A). Figure 1B shows the absence of an effect of octreotide over a wide […]

Contractile activity of lymphatic vessel chambers was monitored using a video camera attached to the microscope, with output recorded on videotape and change in vessel diameter analyzed in real time or offline using a video dimension analyzer (Living System Instrumentation, USA) and recorded on a computer (iMac, Apple Inc, USA) via an analogue to digital converter (PowerLab/4SP, AD Instruments, USA).

A 5 min control period of contractile activity was recorded […]

guinea pigA well established guinea pig model system was used to assess lymphatic pumping . Guinea pigs (seven to 15 days of age) of either sex were killed by decapitation during halothane anesthesia. Collecting lymphatic vessels (diameter less than 230 pm) supplying the ileum were dissected together with the associated artery and vein, […]

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