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development of NAFLD and its progression to NASH

The indications for recommending a liver biopsy for suspected NAFLD remains controversial, with most practitioners not recommending a biopsy in asymptomatic patients with mildly increased liver enzymes. The argument against […]

We have described a series of adult patients with liver biopsies compatible with NAFLD who were investigated in outpatient hepatology and gastroenterology clinics for increased liver enzymes. We found that NAFLD was present throughout a wide ranges of ages (20 to 64 years). Further, our data showed that NAFLD in young patients (20 to 40 years) was predominantly associated with being overweight and the absence of fibrosis on liver biopsies. […]

The 49 patients with NAFLD were categorized according to the type of changes in their liver biopsies (Table 4). The patients were divided into four groups: the steatosis only group consisted of patients with no or minimal evidence of fibrosis on biopsy; the NASH group were patients with fibrosis and presence of ballooning in zone 3; the NASH with cirrhosis group were those with cirrhosis attributed to NASH; and the […]

The age of the 49 patients selected from the original 202 patients was 46.4±13 years (mean ± SE). As Table 2 shows, the patients were distributed across all age groups from 20 to more than 60 years, reflecting the heterogeneous nature of patients who are investigated for NAFLD. Table 2 also shows that the sex of the selected patients was equally divided between male and female. Finally, 63.2% of the […]

Liver biopsies

Data collection

After the inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied to the 202 patients identified from the registry, 49 were selected for a further review of their medical records. Data on age, sex, weight and height were collected. If weight and height […]


The search terms ‘macrovesicular steatosis’, ‘steatohepatitis’, ‘fatty change’ and ‘fatty hepatitis’ were used to locate liver biopsy reports from the computerized pathology registry of the regional health authority. The search spanned the time period between January 1996, when the computerized pathology registry was first set up, and April 2000. Ethical approval of the study was obtained from the regional health care authority. Two hundred and two patients were identified […]

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is commonly diagnosed in outpatient hepatology and gastroenterology practices in North America. Patients with NAFLD have steatosis, which closely resembles alcoholic liver disease, but without a significant history of alcohol consumption. Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) refers to NAFLD accompanied by evidence of fibrosis or inflammation in the liver […]

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