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pulmonary edemaSerial portable chest roentgenograms are used to evaluate patients with pulmonary edema. The ability of portable chest roentgenograms to demonstrate and monitor changes in pulmonary edema in supine critically ill patients has never been fully evaluated. A modification of the double-indicator dilution technique has made it possible to make serial determinations of extravascular lung water. By using the thermal-dye technique […]

placeboThe maximum obtainable monitoring time was 4,320 hours (20 patients, each patient monitored nine times 24 hours). Three hundred and forty-eight hours were not recorded. Another 360 hours were excluded as they contained less than 50 minutes of unambiguous ECG-recording. Thus, our results are based on 3,612 of3,972 recorded hours, 1,190 with placebo, 1,227 with theophylline!, and 1,195 with enprofylline.

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