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Other reports of the efficacy of thalidomide in Crohn’s disease include its use in one case in vulvar ulcerations associated with Crohn’s disease . Hegarty et al reported its value in oral facial complications. Kane et al reported the use of thalidomide as “salvage” therapy after infliximab delayed hypersensitivity. Sabate et al reported its value for maintenance therapy in infliximab responses in patients with Crohn’s fistulae. Ginsberg et al recently summarized the current […]

General guidelines for taking thalidomide

If you are female:

•    You must discuss with your doctor the birth control methods that are best for you. If you are able to have children, you MUST use TWO methods of birth control. If you are not able to use hormonal birth control ( birth control pills , implants, or injections) for medical reasons, it may be possible for you to use two barrier methods (condoms, […]

Ehrenpreis et al also published an open-label trial on refractory Crohn’s disease and during the trial the results were considered to be excellent. These were both open-label trials, and I have no knowledge of a double-blind placebo controlled trial with this drug as yet.

Since these reports, numerous other case reports and reviews on thalidomide have been the subject of numerous articles in the literature. Bousvarous and Mueller reviewed the use of […]


In June 1999 he came in for another colonoscopy. There was marked improvement of the appearance of the terminal ileum, with only a few small ulcers remaining (Figure 3). It was decided at that time to continue the thalidomide for another three months and this was carried out. In late 1999 he […]

At this time the paper by Wettstein and Meagher came to the author’s attention, and after some discussion with the patient he was placed on thalidomide at 100 mg/day. All other medication was discontinued. The patient returned to his home town and communication with his general practitioner revealed that the bleeding had ceased and his hemoglobin was finally beginning to rise. Six months later it reached a level of 156 […]


Repeat investigations revealed recurrent Crohn’s disease of the terminal ileum, as demonstrated by a colonoscopy. Despite treatment with corticosteroids and azathioprine 100 mg/day over the next year, the bleeding, anemia and weight loss persisted. Another surgical procedure was therefore carried out in 1996, where […]

A 29-year-old man was first seen in 1994 with increasing abdominal pain, weight loss and vomiting. The previous history was significant in that in 1991 he presented at the Cranbrook Regional Hospital in British Columbia with a perforation of the terminal ileum, secondary to Crohn’s disease, of which he was previously unaware. At that time he had a right hemicolectomy and recovered uneventfully. When seen in 1994, investigation revealed a […]

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