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A similar study with the natriuretic peptides derived from N-terminus of the ANF prohormone has not yet been done. Whether or not the secretion of these natriuretic and diuretic peptides from the N-terminus and C-terminus of the ANF prohormone into the pleural fluid helps the lung clear the fluid in the lung in CHF, in […]

If the lungs are synthesizing and secreting a large amount of the N-terminus and C-terminus of the ANF prohormone in persons with congestive heart failure, it is possible that their nearly equal concentrations in the plasma and pleural fluid of patients with congestive heart failure is due to the lung producing a significant amount of […]

A second possibility is that the whole ANF prohormone is being made in the lung and secreted directly into the pleural fluid. Pleural fluid originates from the lung rather than the pleura, and it is possible that both the N-terminus and C-terminus of the ANF prohormone are secreted simultaneously with this fluid into the pleural […]

The etiology of the N-terminus of the ANF prohormone in pleural fluid is unknown, but two possibilities are suggested by the present data. One possibility for the N-terminus of ANF prohormone being present in pleural fluid is that it is due to capillary leakage of this relatively small (10,000 mw) peptide into pleural fluid from […]

The present investigation demonstrates that the whole N-terminus (ie, aa 1-98) of the 126 aa ANF prohormone is present in pleural fluid of patients with congestive heart failure. With the previous demonstration that the C-terminus (ie, ANF, aa 99-126) is present in pleural fluid, it is now evident that all 126 aa of the ANF […]

The concentrations of immunoreactive pro ANF 198 (whole N-terminus) and ir pro ANF 31-67 (midportion of the N-terminus) in the pleural fluid of each of six individuals with New York Heart Association (NYHA) class 2 congestive heart failure are shown in Figure 1. The mean concentration of pro ANF 1-98 in the pleural fluid of […]

The pro ANF 31-67 radioimmunoassay recognizes in plasma a component of the N-terminus of approximately 3900 mw which is consistent with measuring only aa 31-67 of the prohormone (ie, pro ANF 31-67, mw 3878). Our ANF radioimmunoassay recognizes a 3,000 mw peptide in plasma with ANFs actual molecular weight being 3,081. All determinations were performed […]

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