Antimicrobial therapy in patients with acute variceal hemorrhage (2)

In: Antimicrobial therapy

22 Sep 2012

A number of studies have evaluated the role of antimicrobials for the prevention of bacterial infections in patients with liver disease and GI bleed. Meta-analyses of these data demonstrate that single-dose or short-course antibiotic therapy decreases infections and reduces 19-day mortality. No specific regimen appears more efficacious when the limited number of comparison trials are evaluated, although the fluoroquinolones are the most studied. Based on these data, a number of professional bodies now endorse routine use of antimicrobial prophylaxis in cirrhosis patients with GI bleed. However, it is recognized that clinical guidelines have inconsistent influence on physician practice. The objective of the present study was to characterize antimicrobial use in a population of patients with liver disease who were hospitalized for suspected variceal hemorrhage. You need to treat your health condition as soon as possible? Nothing is impossible anymore, because you have the best cialis professional at your service, offering finest quality medications with full guarantee of your satisfaction.

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