Amaryl for diabetes

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10 Sep 2012


Amaryl is an effective blood sugar-lowering drug that is used as a part of treating type 2 diabetes. Amaryl for diabetes influences the pancreas so that it could spare insulin and by this means the drug works as a blood sugar-lowering agent. The medicine is also taken in those cases, when a patient cannot decrease the blood sugar level only be keeping a strict diet or doing exercises. Although it can be taken alone, more often Amaryl is prescribed in a complex therapy together with exercises and diet. Amaryl, belonging to a class of sulfonylureas, contains Glimepiride that functions as its active component.
You cannot get the medication in a traditional drugstore without prescription. Amaryl for diabetes is available in the formation of tablets for oral administration. Take the pill as a whole, do not crush it. Usually it is taken with the first meal but there can be other conditions, directed by your doctor. Use Amaryl exactly as you were said. The remedy has the best effect if it gets into the body at approximately the same time every day. Do not miss a dose, take the pills even if you think you feel better. If you failed to take a dose, you should make it up as soon as you realize it but not if it’s almost time for the next regular dose.
Do not take amaryl for diabetes, if you are allergic to Glimepiride or experience diabetic ketoacidosis, (with/without coma). Besides, your healthcare provider should know if you have experienced allergic reaction of your body to foods, sulfa drugs or if you have kidney problems (including renal failure), liver problems, adrenal insufficiency or fatigue. Besides, let your GP know if you are planning to get pregnant soon or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The possibility of treatment with sulfonylurea medications should be carefully analyzed by your physician.
Amaryl for diabetes may have side effects that are not necessary to be experienced by every patient who takes it. Nevertheless, don’t worry, if you notice your blood sugar lowered, you feel dizziness, headache, weakness or nausea. These effects are the most wide-spread. On the other hand, you should immediately call your physician at first signs of liver problems (among them yellow skin and eyes), of an allergic reaction (such as skin rash, wheezing, hives, itching), if you feel sore throat, chest pain or shortness of breath. The list includes not all the symptoms, that’s why don’t be shy to contact the healthcare provider for a consultation if you feel other side effects. Before you take a pill read the patient information inserted in the pack.
It is recommended to store Amaryl for diabetes away from heat, in a dark place at a room temperature. Keep dry in a childproof place away from pets.

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