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22 Aug 2012


You cannot let a cat to be in your house? You can hardly keep presented bunch of flowers? An allergy doesn’t let you lead full and active life? Indeed, many people suffer from the hypersensitivity disorder that makes them avoid many favorite things and activities. An allergy has many faces: on the one hand it may become apparent through various symptoms and on the other – it has various causes.

You may not even recognize an allergy at once. But from time to time you notice strange reaction of the organism on some usual things. Stuffiness in nose, sneezing, coughing and even asthma attacks are the most typical symptoms of an allergy caused by airborn allergens. They can be found absolutely everywhere. It may be dust, hair of domestic animals, poplar seed tufts and even dust of your favorite flowers. This type of allergy makes people protect themselves from any kind of pets, accept flowers with warm smile, but keep a distance from the bunch and so on. Though there is another way for them to live with this disease. They must include some antiallergic medicine in the therapy plan.

But the most hidden and dangerous type is food allergy. People who suffer from this type of hypersensitivity have no possibility to eat various products as they may become the reason of negative reaction of the body. Why it is hidden? Because sometimes an allergic person doesn’t even suspect that it is dangerous for him/her to eat a particular type of food. And there are a lot of people who have fully changed their ratio in view of the food allergy.

But there is positive news as well. There are various allergy medications that can relieve the symptoms of an allergy and decline the hypersensitivity level. They are usually prescribed by an allergist after some tests. Recently anti-allergic medicine has made great progress. Various anti-allergic drugs were created and now are successfully used in the therapy. If you still cannot understand what your allergen is – you should check out the reaction of the organism on various things in a laboratory, after which the doctor will develop your personal treatment plan.

Remember, if you suffer from an allergy the sooner you consult a GP or an allergist the better. The hypersensitivity disorder is not as harmless as it can seem for the first sight. Your health is in your hands.

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