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17 Sep 2012


Xopenex is a frequently prescribed rapid-acting asthma medication. An inhalation of the remedy helps to relieve asthma symptoms, including acute ones. So, Xopenex can cure coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and wheezing and other respiratory troubles. Xopenex is a volatile medication available in the form of inhalation aerosol and as a solution for a nebulizer device. This drug formation affords to deliver the active component straight into the lungs and relieve a sudden severe asthma attack. Active ingredient of Xopenex inhalers is Levalbuterol. This component influences the tight smooth muscles relaxing them and relieving the asthma attack in the shortest time, usually within a few minutes. That’s why the remedy is a first-line drug for asthmatics to carry with in view of a sudden attack.
Every Xopenex inhaler dosage contains both active and inactive ingredients. The latter is known as dextroalbuterol or S-albuterol. This component has no important destination but makes a contribution into side effects production.
It is strictly recommended to take the remedy exactly as it is directed by a doctor. Only a qualified medical specialist can prescribe correct Xopenex inhaler dosage. Nevertheless, there are some general principles of the remedy dosage that may coincide (but not always!) with an advise of one’s doctor. Besides, nobody but your doctor in charge can exactly know the drug dose you have to take for relieving acute asthma symptoms.
For those patients who take Xopenex solution for a nebulizer the advisable dose is equal to 0.31 mg thrice a day for children aged 6 to 11. Adult and teenaged patients are recommended to begin with 0.63 mg thrice a day.
Usually they recommend adults and children of 4 and older to take2 inhalations of Xopenex Inhalation spray two or three times a day that is equal to 90 mcg of the drug. But there are some cases when only one inhalation thrice a day is enough.
Both Xopenex solution for nebulizer dose and Xopenex Inhaler Dosage depend on some factors. While thinking over a dose your doctor takes into account the health conditions, severity of your disease, occurrence of other problems with respiratory organs and your age. That’s why one shouldn’t give Xopenex to anybody else as it may cause various negative sequelae.
Do not change the prescribed dosage without preliminary consulting your healthcare provider. Take the medicine until one day your medical agent finds it unnecessary for preventing an unexpected asthma attack.
If a patient uses Xopenex solution for nebulizer as a preventive medication, it is advisable to buy a nebulizer machine as in the market the remedy and the device can be bought only separately. If you don’t want to waste money on this purchase you may rent the device for the period of taking Xopenex. Pay attention to the instruction how to use and handle the nebulizer properly to avoid reducing of the drug effect. Obtain more exact information about measuring the remedy from the doctor in charge.
In case of any concerns about prescribed Xopenex inhaler dosage or Xopenex solution dose, about potential side effects, you may consult your healthcare provider.
Both drug formations should be stored in a dark cold place away from heat and moisture. Protect Xopenex inhalers from freezing.

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