A Comparison of Intraoral Injection Discomfort Produced

In: Anesthesia

21 Nov 2009

A Comparison of Intraoral Injection Discomfort Produced

Anumber of factors may influence the discomfort of dental local anesthetic injections. Parameters independent of technique but relating to materials that might affect pain at delivery include the temperature and the pH of the local anesthetic solution. Buffering the solution can reduce injection discomfort. However, this is impractical when using prefilled dental local anesthetic cartridges. The pH of commercially available dental local anesthetic solutions varies. Therefore, pH-depen-dent factors can be influenced by the choice of anesthetic; for example, plain lidocaine solutions have a pH closer to physiological pH compared with those that contain epinephrine. The goal of this investigation was to determine whether epinephrine-free and epinephrine-containing lidocaine solutions differed in the discomfort they produced during intraoral injection. finasteride online

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